Youtube Redesign - Playlist

July 2016


 To design a convenient playlist on Youtube that enables quick access to favorite videos.


Users can add videos to "Watch later" by clicking on the drop down next to the suggested videos. Adding these videos to a playlist and accessing them is a 3 stage process. Also, once the user is on the playlist screen and navigates to a different video, he comes out of the playlist. Therefore, there is a need for a playlist that can be easily accessed and controlled.

Current User Flow


The three steps in the current user flow can be reduced to one by providing a playlist as a small section on every page. The user can drag and drop vidoes into the playlist below the video. This way, the user need not navigate to a different page to access the playlist. He/she need not leave the playlist to watch another video.
There are 3 ways to add videos to the playlist -
1. Drag and drop from side menu
2. Dropdown next to the video
3. Quick search option inside the playlist.
The user is also given the option of rearranging videos in the playlist, deleting videos and minimizing the playlist.


Proposed user flow