Customer Success Portal - SignEasy

January 2017 - April 2017


SignEasy is a cloud-based, mobile-first solution to electronically sign and fill documents from smartphones, tablets and web. SignEasy has thousands of users who have signed millions of documents till date. To ensure smooth utilization of this app and provide good customer care, it was necessary to create an intuitive dashboard to manage and handle customer's data.

My role at SignEasy was to implement an internal admin dashboard to help the customer support team to view and update customer's data and manage marketing strategies based on user statistics.


Choose template

The first task was to choose a web template which can provide all the necessary helper elements such as charts, widgets and easily navigable sections. The template that was chosen was Gentelella, which was based on bootstrap and provided various features like charts, tables, and input elements which could appropriately visualize customer's data such as number of files signed, status and details of support tickets etc.


Following this was the process of prototyping. I prepared low fidelity prototypes on paper and later visualised the HTML elements on a software called JustInMind. This prototype was based on the user stories given by the customer support team regarding the flow of information and the details about the user that need to be available on the first glance. The challenges encountered here was designing the elements in such a way that the most important information stayed at the top and providing clear points of interaction for the user when an update was to be made.


I then implemented the design as a website using HTML, Javascript, CSS, Bootstrap and PHP. I also worked on enhancing the user experience by visualizing the data as pie charts, providing coloured badges to distinguish customer accounts, quick navigation to different sections of the customer's data and a search bar to find particular accounts.