Website Redesign for

April 2017 - August 2017

Interaction Design    UI Design    E-commerce


Farmend is an early stage startup based in Bangalore, Karnataka. The company's goal is to connect farmers and wholesale buyers by selling farmproduce on an e commerce website. My role was to convert the basic web interface of to a more appealing and aeshthetic one.


User Flow

Web UI Design

Since the navigation and design of was already laid out, I focussed on creating better looking interfaces for those webages. The first page mainly consisted of basic information about the company, key values to the customer and the fruits that were in store. The rest of the pages were designed to give the look of an ecommerce store for usability.

App UI Design


After the design was ready, I implemented the web pages using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and Jquery. The code was written in such a way that the web page was responsive and made use of many bootstrap interface elements to improve usabilty.