Chinese App Design

April 2017 - July 2017


Home Live is a China based startup that helps in connecting Chinese houselholds with full time maids through an app. They also aim to provide learning opportunities for maids as courses and degree programs. My role was to create the first look of this product as a mobile app.



The design process for this app involved understanding the chinese app market and designing the interface accordingly. Chinese apps are different from US apps in many ways :

Source :

Low fidelity prototype

Low fidelity prototype was made on paper to visualise information, navigation and the most important features of the app. Since the app was targeted at Chinese houselholds looking for maids, it was important to convey information regarding the service and a brief look at the maids profiles, on the home page. The rest of the sections were aimed at searching for maids based on location and other filters such as work experience, and the maid's complete profile. The profile consisted of information such as personal details, skills and certifications. The users of the app can also contact maids and schedule meetings with them.


I then visualised the sketches as a high fidelity wireframe using Sketch. The colors chosen were grey and pink according to the logo of the company. The app consisted of most of its functionality in the navigation bar at the bottom for quick access. The home page consisted of a slideshow and infographics explaining the service. It was followed by small sections containing profiles of maids and basic information. Clickable protoypes were made using JustInMind.